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Venom List       Spring/Summer 2017

Dendroaspis polylepis Inquire
Dendroaspis angusticeps Inquire
Dendroaspis viridis Inquire
Naja nivea Inquire
Naja melanoleuca Inquire
Naja nigricollis (Tanzania) Inquire
Naja nigricollis (Ghana) Inquire
Naja haje annulifera Inquire
Naja kaouthia Inquire
Naja naja (Pakistan) Inquire
Ophiophagus hannah Inquire
Micrurus f. fulvius Inquire
Sistrurus m. barbouri Inquire
Bitis arietans Inquire
Bitis g. gabonica Inquire
Bitis g. rhinocerous Inquire
Crotalus adamanteus Inquire
Crotalus atrox Inquire
Crotalus h. atricaudatus Inquire
Crotalus h. horridus Inquire
Crotalus s. scutulatus Inquire
Crotalus d. terrificus Inquire
Agkistrodon c. contortrix… Inquire
Agkistrodon c. laticinctus… Inquire
Agkistrodon c. mokasen…. Inquire
Agkistrodon p. conanti…… Inquire

Purified Venom Fractions

Alpha Cobratoxin
(Naja kaouthia)
Alpha Bungarotoxin
(Bungarus multicinctus)
Freeze-dried Blood Plasma
(Naja kaouthia)